Unanswered Questions. 🤷🏽‍♀️

What are some questions that you’ve always wanted to know the answer to, but was left unanswered or had no explanation? :upside_down_face:


Why am I born into this world that I’m not good at anything despite having difficulty/ being scared to do things? Like driving a car for example, and my speaking, and thinking skills that I’m not good at like everyone is. I also have trouble with my memory, so it’s going to be hard for me…How do you expect me to think like you do? I’m different… I was born different…:see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


Who created god?

How is there that much space in the world?

What will happen after I die?

Who will be my first kiss?

Does my crush like me?

Does someone else in the world have my exact name?

When will the world end?

What if god wasn’t real?

What was Poppy like before she became Poppy?

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Why do people insult others?
Why do people act tough?
Why is 7 the only one-digit number with two syllables?
What is the meaning of life?


Why did I reply to this thread?


Because you wanted to or you wouldn’t have clicked that Reply button anyway. :roll_eyes:

  • Why are their weapons?
  • Where did they got them from?
  • When are they going to stop executing people for stupid reason?
  • Why do people always argue over stupid reasons.
  • Why do people like to bring down others?
  • Why do they bully?
  • Why do they abuse others?
  • Why do people litter? Yall think it looks good? Nope, it’s terrible.
  • Why do we ignore people who needs help?
  • Why do we have animals in zoo?
  • Why do people do horrible things to animals?

I asked a question here that’s left unaswered:

I know it’s hard to give an answer for it though :sweat_smile:


What the h*ll!?

Is my legal surename not the one I know and my life is a lie?


My parents got married when I was a month old baby so when I was born I got my mom’s last name and a month+ later my mom changed ger last name to my dad’s and from some reason it was just obvious my last nane changes too automatically but I think it doesn’t count. I even had a phase when I was little and told people that name was my last name and I’m definitely gonna legally change it to that when I’m 18. (My I.D. and passport and everything is on my name, it doesn’t matter if that was originally bullshit or not, I still have to change it.) That other name is so much cooler!!! IT MEANS SOMETHING WITH GOLD IN SOME ANCIENT LANGUAGE!

How the devil am I still alive?

What if I actually had a good life?

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