I had a choice in my story and everything was going great until my last branch. It says there’s an unbalanced brace error but I have the bracket that matches already. I don’t know what to do?? is this a glitch??


Post that part of the script

paste that part of the script so we can help you



And this is where I closed it???

Can you post a bit more? Can PM if you don’t want to here :thinking:

Maybe it’s an error with a different choice, if you could show the full script of each choice, we could check if anything is wrong there :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok I’m so sorry I’m very new at this :joy::joy:.
But this is what the choice looks like when I compact it.

“Make a Trap”{
}“Scavenge for Berries”{
}" Try Fishing"
Put your content from line 830, under your choice name.
}“Try Fishing”{
Get it?
I think I also saw two brackets for choice three? Correct me if I’m wrong, you sort of posted broken images. Hope this helps! :gift_heart:

it worked!!! TYSM you saved me​:sob::sob::sob:

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No prob:))