Uncommon stories

What are some uncommon stories on Episode that you haven’t seen much?

Like all I see are bad boy stories, gang stories, ect ect. There are some stories ive read that have absolutely awesome and creative story plots, like Evocation, the teenage vigilante, struck, and so on.

I need help… yeet


Do need plot ideas or what?

Yes lol :joy:

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Stories with a male MC or stories with an asian MC. I rarely see either on episode.


Oh yeah trueee

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Stories where the MC and the love interest are soft

I mostly see stories with bad girls and bad boys or badgirl and soft boys or badboys and soft girls

Hah yeah

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You can try mine: Tribe of Malapinchi :slight_smile:

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Stories without romance are rare because romance is in pretty much everything even in stories that have uncommon themes :joy:

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