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Name: EpisodeGirl

Character Details:

Character Outfit: Maybe that red INK swimsuit with cutouts?
Background: black or white, maybe even stripes, whatever looks Good :smile:

Animation: Dance_drop_it

Name on PFP: EpisodeGirl

Would you like a border around your character like in the example, if so, what color (optional): White
Thank you so much!

I’ll get right to work! :slight_smile:

Your ERT will be by 5:30 pm pacific standard time :slight_smile:

Feel free to check in if the edit is still not done by then!

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Yayyyyyyyyy tysmmm :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hi, sorry that it took a while. Since I did take a while, you’ll be receiving a free coupon: Order One Get Your Other Order Immediately! This coupon will allow you to have your order top priority when you choose to when you get two orders! :slight_smile:
Anyways, I made two versions!



Omg so freaking cute!

You didn’t take long :wink:

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Go @epi.alyssaa! I aint know you could edit! :smirk: :grin: These are :fire:


Haha, just started! Thanks Jayla :blush:


Name: Cam Oakley
Character Details:

Character Outfit: Swim Trunks Hawaiian Hibiscus Neutral Grey Cool
Background: INT. HOT TUB OL - DAY

Animation: flirt shy
Name on PFP: Cam Oakley
Would you like a border around your character like in the example, if so, what color (optional): Dark Blue

Your request has been accepted!

ERT: 11:30 Pacific Standard Time

Hey, just finished your request. I made two versions for you, so see which one better fits your profile :slight_smile:


Thank you :smile:

No problem!

Bumping this thread! Also, now deciding to do covers, overlays, and background edits.

Here’s an example:

These won’t be that extravagant, but I’ll try to get these to your liking as much as possible!

The request forms for overlays, background edits, and covers will be oit soon. :wink:

Do you have any background edit examples?

I have a few :slight_smile:

I changed the curtain color on this Episode Background:

I changed a picture on the wall on this background made by @alexa.episode:

This are nice! :purple_heart:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

If you’d like to see my other examples, I have put them all above!

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