Under The Sea Contest!


Me and my great friend @MadisonW are hosting a contest we are both the judges :grin:



Only 1 Winner!

Be Creative and enjoy!!!


Choose One!

Under the sea poll

You MAY color over the Watermarks.


Hmm I enter


You can if you want :grin:


Yayyyyyy! What made you change your mind?


Also you can request up to 5 outlines from us credit free, with a bonus of a pfp from me!


I would’ve loved to enter if I knew hot o outline and stuff! lol
but cool! :cherry_blossom::hibiscus::ok_hand:


They’re already drawn!


OHH forgive my lazy ass lol. I’ll give it a try! :hugs::relaxed::shell::shell:


Maybe I’ll enter, we’ll see.


Okay, I couldn’t fall asleep, so here’s my entry. :blush:



That looks great