Under your enchantment out now🦋✨


Title- Under Your Enchantment🦋

Genre- Fantasy🧚🏼

Tropes- love potion, he falls first, forced proximity, forbidden love, arranged marriage (kinda), different worlds

Description- When the border between the fairy and human realm weakens, a powerful love potion goes wrong. Will you be able to reverse your magic or will true love grow first?:heartpulse:

Features- 1 male LI, art scene, points system, multiple endings, minigames, choices, bonus scenes, unlockable wardrobes💎

Insta- jmstoriesxx🥰 I have posted a trailer on there if anyone is interested!!

I hope you will all fall in love with Mirabella, Silas and my fairy world as hard and as quickly as I have🌸 Any interaction would be truly appreciated to help get my story noticed🥰


Love the cover :heart_eyes:


Thank you! The artist is truly gifted😍

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Loooks so interesting, I’m going to read it now :smiling_face:

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I hope you enjoy it lovely🥰

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I just finished chp. 2! I love the world you created :upside_down_face:. I’m currently coding a story and the magic system/world have some similarities:0 Do you mind if I ask you what were your inspirations (book, serie, movie etc!)

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Aww thank you so much! Honestly I’m not entirely sure, in real life I don’t tend to choose fantasy movies or stories but they’re my absolute favorite to write. I think I just made my MC and wanted to include all the elements and built from there really💗

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