Underatted authors

Hi everyone

To be honest, I don’t care if this starts a war between popular or not, I’m getting sick of it all.

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed authors with millions of reads complain about stupid little things. These authors spend the same amount of time as an author like me who spends 6 hours every single day writing.

They have managed to get millions of reads, but an author who has only 134 reads overall has nothing.

I’m not here to make you read my story, I’m here to make you see that it’s not just you,

Authors who have millions of reads should read smaller authors stories to boost their confidence because they spend the same amount of time as you.

Everybody’s stories matter, but popular authors don’t read underachieving authors because they are ‘too popular’ for that now.


I’m here to say get off your high horse and help smaller authors because it’s not only you that’s got/had it hard.

We’re here too. We matter too.

Take a step back and think about authors who have nothing and care. Care about someone other than yourself because I’m sick of you complaining when smaller authors have nothing compared to what you have.


I totally agree!

I just hope that nobody hates me after this

definitely agree, and that’s a fact.

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No no no no no, NO ONE, has to hate you, YOU are stating your opinion/view about this, and others need TO READ this to understand that authors who have less/ no reads at all NEED to be noticed.


These “popular authors” need to start helping small authors with their stories. Stop focusing on your “popular” story, and just for once, take a day, to help small authors, to reach that level.

If “popular” authors can’t help with small authors, and they just want to focus on their own story, leave them authors alone.

P.S. I honestly, don’t care if the story/author is popular, doesn’t really make them popular by number of reads, and how much they make improvement to their stories.

This is my view. Let’s hear others view about this.


How do we know that some of them haven’t checked out any of the smaller authors stories? Our stories are kinda hard to find, unless they visit the forums and look at the promotions. I agree that ppl should support one another but no one really has to read anyone’s story lol. It would be nice if they tried to help us though.


I agree with what you said - it of course takes a lot of hard work to get into a position of popularity and I know quite a few authors who have been featured on shelves who help out underrated authors a lot. As a community, I think it is healthy and lovely for us all to support each other along being good to one another :heart:


i thought about that to.


I always get the sense that people are going to hate what I say about anything

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I just think that they should care more about people who don’t have many reads

They should care enough to look for stories that aren’t doing as well as there

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If they DO hate it, ignore it, and move on. People will like and dislike. It’s their opinion/view. If it hurts your feelings, u can close the thread whenever yr ready. :wink:

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For me…

I have been on the community for almost 2 years, joined the forum in October because a lot of things were really starting to annoy me

This is my way of sticking up for small authors



I just want to know what people think because I’m getting sick of everybody complaining about everything


I can’t even spell

I’m dyslexic… my stories will get nowhere :joy:

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Yeah, let’s hear others opinion.

I really don’t mean to promote myself, but rather all of the wonderful underappreciated authors I’ve been reviewing on my website.

If you’re looking for any underrated authors or want to suggest any ideas, I’d really appreciate it!



Spelling doesn’t matter either. Everyone been there and done that.

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Of course

I’m looking at anything that makes small authors amazing :wink: