Underatted authors

I’ve found Thursday evenings are good UK time (I’m the same) because everyone is raving about the new updates. Use it to your advantage :wink:

Plus, the weekend isn’t so far away that people will forget to read by then.


I never do R4R anyway

I think it’s pointless

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It gets neither of the people loyal readers!

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No matter how many reads I get

I’m still writing, I’m still going to write for the people who reads the stories from start to finish


I think it’s the people who stick with you the whole journey than people who do it for their own gain

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It’s not really though

This is about sticking up for small authors

u mean to @ShanniiWrites

Well I’ve actually become a loyal reader for some of the stories I’ve done R4Rs with :sweat_smile: i feel like if I’m one of the rare ones that turn into loyal readers there has to be more lol. Like @lanafrazer_episode I did R4R with her and I still follow it! I actually have quite a few stories in my favorites because of R4R lol I do see the flip side of things to though. Some ppl just do R4R so you can read their story and really don’t care about following yours

What’s your story about?

It’s about the daughter of the Greek mafia getting involved with the leader of The Leone a gand based out of America,Spain and Italy

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tips that seems to work is to post often, costumize character (just for examples of course)

I updates around minimum every month (have 2,7k reads)

I try to post updates every week and I publish a new chapter every month

I’m writing 2 stories and my plan is too release 1 in a bulk of 4 chapters and the other one a chapter or 2 a month

Honestly, it depends on the author. I know authors that have over a million reads that still read small stories and try to promote them. I think it goes to the kind of person the author is.
Granted, when you have thousands of readers constantly asking when the next chapter will be out, it becomes hard to balance reading and writing. You may spend the same amount of time writing, but they have the added constant barrage of readers bugging them to update constantly.
You also have to remember that many authors that have millions of reads have been writing for a very long time. They were once small like you. Sure, some have instant hits (usually click bait happy cliche af stories).
There are also bigger authors that this is a source of income for them, so any time something gets glitchy, it affects their income.
Sure, some big authors DO act entitled and like they poo don’t stink like all the rest of us, but there are others that really are down to earth and support smaller authors.


I’ve never met anyone who cares about small authors and everyone I speak to has something bad to say but don’t relise how small authors feel

I know that the ‘popular authors’ have been through it but it would be nice if they showed that they support smaller authors

I guess that all depends on what you consider a popular author and how many you know.
What classifies a popular author as popular?
1 million reads?
5 million reads?
Being placed on a shelf?
Winning a contest?
Being an Episode Featured Author?


I don’t think you’ve met the right people.
I’ve met quite a lot of lovely authors that I would consider to be “popular” (depends on your definition) and I know they do read stories by smaller authors, they just don’t always have the time to read and share.
I know that personally (I’m not a big author), I always try to share stories with fewer reads via IG or Episode social but I haven’t had a lot of time lately (I find Episode Social much easier as I suck with screenshots). On the flip side, I never share “popular” stories either, so in my case it’s not favouritism.


I’m just here too show that small authors mean something

Everybody that I have either spoken to or read doesn’t seem to care about small authors

This is my way of showing that someone is sticking up for them