Underrated artists

Hi! I’ve been looking for new music, anyone wanna recommend something?
Any underrated favs you have that you think deserve more recognition?
I’ll start!
Ängie (Swedish, but sings in english, I even named a character in my story Ängie because of her!)
Baby goth (Not all her songs are good, but her new EP is what attracted me)
Ellise (Loved the aesthetic of her new visuals for the song “Keep it to myself”)
Too Poor (You may know her from being Lil Peep’s ex gf, she has a new song called “crazy girls” and I’m just obsessed with it)
Myah Alanna (You may know her from IG, but I feel like not a lot of people know she makes music, so I definitely recommend!)

that’s all I can remember for now lol pls feel free to add some to the list or give opinions abt the ones I listed!


Well idk if they’re underrated for real but no one here has like… ever heard of them.
Bladee - Swedish artist that sings in English, one of my faves, recommend “Be nice 2 me”
Död Mark - Swedish band that sings in Swedish, very dark but nice lyrics.


thanks for this thread! i love to find new music to listen to when writing! :two_hearts:
Jaira Burns: some of my favorites of hers are “numb”, “sugarcoat”, and “burn slow.” she really does make such great music and you should check her out!
Alex Aiono: he mostly does covers on youtube, but his voice is heaven :heart_eyes:, and he makes great music of his own!
Chase Atlantic: they’re pretty unknown and i don’t really listen to a ton of their stuff but their song “numb to the feeling” is really good
Lola: you won’t find her if you just look her up so you have to look up her name and a song of hers. i recommend “i love you so” or “another empty lover” both are hella good
Bazzi: he’s not unknown at all but his album “cosmic” deserves MUCH more recognition


thank you for your recommendations! @EllasStorys
and @Marshmallow_O I only know Jaira Burns on your list and I love “numb” too!
I’ll check them out :relaxed:



Check out her songs Murder Song, Forgotten Love, Running With The Wolves, Queendom, Soft Universe (especially Soft Universe!) All Is Soft Inside, Gentle Earthquakes AND/or Animal

She’s the embodiment of human perfection :ok_hand:

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If nothing else, listen to this perfection

This is her newest song

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I absolutely would love to recommend you some of my favorites :slight_smile: I do not listen to them as much now, but I remember becoming very taken by them the first time I’ve heard their music.

Agnes Obel This is her full album…some of her music has been used in some Television shows, actually :slight_smile: Not sure which ones, but I remember seeing it somewhere/hearing it.

Side note: She kind of looks like Anna from Downton Abbey!

AURORA This is one of my favourites of hers. It just suits her voice very well. Here’s one more . This one is a little different, but her melody is just so point on, lol.

Florence and the Machine - One of her newer songs, ‘Big God’ is such an abstract and fantastic song about hurt in romance. The thing is, she got inspired by this song because she didn’t get a text back from a guy she was seeing, and she got ghosted by him. THAT is what inspired THIS stunning performance. She is (in my opinion) a queen of abstract and subtext.

Here is one of my favourites by hers. What the Water Gave Me , ‘Shake it Out’ , Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) , Between Two Lungs


As you might guess already, I was a big fan :sweat_smile: If you like her, you’d love Lorde, too, although many people know Lordge. David Bowie actually had some good things to say about her :slight_smile:

Just a tip SuicideSheep , although a strange username, is one of the best places to find new music and new artists.

Finally, last but certainly not least (and leaving her for last as she’s the best :slight_smile: )

LP You might recognize her voice as her song ‘Muddy Waters’ are used in Orange Is the New Black.

I am a heterosexual woman but my god, LP has some kind of charm on me (and many others). I mean she’s got class, she’s got moves, she’s got a phenomenal voice, she’s got style, she’s got intellect. I don’t know what I’d do if I ever saw her in person :joy: :joy:

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VIwrites1 is an underrated artist. She sings in her house.

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they show Alec Benjamin’s music too :revolving_hearts: I don’t know if Alec would be called underrated but his music is amazing and if you want to hear anyone of his songs - I have the links in my bio

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conan gray and audrey mika <3
they’re on youtube and spotify (maybe itunes but i don’t look) but they aren’t very popular and are very talented. both of them do covers and have original songs.

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