Underrated Recommendations MOVED

First of all, I was going to put this topic in community since it said “what are you reading? Discuss your favorite Episode stories here,” but I put it in promote your story instead since the description said “Get your story out there, exchange some read for reads, and recommend other stories!”

If I’m in the wrong category, truly sorry :sweat_smile:

On this thread, I will be recommending amazing wonderful stories that don’t have many reads but deserve them.

If you would like to be a part of this, don’t respond here but PM me and I’ll gladly read your wonderful story ^^
It would mean a lot if you could read mine back but it’s not necessary :smile:

Let’s show support for small authors : )

Edit: Sadly, this topic has been merged with others-I am terribly upset about this but oh well : (
I have decided to leave doing story recommendations on the Episode forums as am afraid they may get merged into something else, never know :sweat_smile: I will stick with doing story recommendations on Instagram instead, sigh
Thank you to everyone who participated and were a part of this-you all had wonderful stories and am happy I got the pleasure to read them. Keep it up!
JemU776’s underrated recommendations on the forums: permanently closed
I spent all that energy into writing them up only to have them moved, oh man : (


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