Underrated Stories Contest!


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I appreciate there are different time zones but if I have closed the form and you wish to participate. PM me and I’ll feature your story on a new thread called Days’ Hidden Gems.


Hello Leslie sorry for not responding any sooner, I would love it if you could be a judge!


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Hello everybody! Thank you so much for consistent patience - I will try my best to get to you all soon.

Thank you for such gems to read (Captive has really caught my eye!)


The winners will be announced a bit later but I hope the prizes will compensate.



I must note EVERYBODY will be a winner in a sense - I will be including each of the stories mentioned on a thread known as the The Hidden Gems thread.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Please appreciate that it will take some time to get to around 17 stories plus but I want to ensure I can promote your story and give it the justice it deserves.


Ahh this is such a great idea, let me know if I you need help in anything


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OKURR! Well, so I could not decide on just one winner and as I had a lot of stories to read anyway, I took it upon myself to choose 5 winners!


@AS007’s Microcide :star:

Your directing was creative and dynamic, the plot was unique, the humour really tickled my spirit (that makes sense, I promise.) The dialogue was witty and funny, if you are a fan of Marvel or DC comics then I am sure Microcide should be on your to read list. The diversity was impressive as well (LGBT parents, for instance). The directing and how this story demanded my attention really stood out.

@Dxmonds’ Risen :star:

I am a massive fan of the (original French show) The Returned (loved ones mysteriously rise from the dead which leads to implications of how the loved ones moved on, how circumstances changed since the people died! There is a lot more to it but I’d rather you watch it!) and this story will be a dream for you to read if you enjoyed this show. The descriptive writing was fantastic, the plotline is absolutely intriguing and all you want to do is read more & more (which is what exactly you should do!)

@episodeofnika’s Under Construction :star:

Despite my aversion to the world of fantasy but the way the fantasy is written to complement realism was perfect. The sarcasm and sheer wit in this story appealed to me greatly and the characters were very well-written, each of them with their own personality and important aspects.

@captainwillow’s On West Avenue :star:

The story covers important relationships in life and these do not always mean romantic relationships! These can be platonic too, there was chaos from the start (very well-written chaos may I add), the directing was very good, the story was so aesthetically pleasing as well. The thing I really appreciated was the diversity, covering really important issues such as matters of race and families along with the characters having beautifully woven backstories really stood out for me.

Captive by Rose and Hazel (they do not seem to have a forum account!) :star:

The directing is extremely advanced and stand-out quality with top notch writing as well. This seems like the perfect collaboration and the story is set in a dystopian era which is very well-planned and written! The attention to detail in both the directing including overlays, shifting eyes and cinematic quality directing along with captivating writing definitely screamed winner!

Honourable mentions/Runners up:

@Dr.Smile07’s The Pregnancy Curse

This story was hilarious to read, I really enjoyed the humour and the chemistry between all the characters. I would recommend to EVERYFREAKINGBODY!

@Alexwoods’s October’s Love

A story mixed with tragedy, love and madness. I really enjoyed the lighthearted comedy and this is an ideal bingeread and will make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

Each of you have shown me great stories. I noticed your stories have fantastic splashes or art but if you need any text overlays or plain splashes I am happy to offer them!

To everybody who submitted their stories - thanks so much and I will feauture your stories on a thread soon! Do not despair, I loved most of the stories I read!


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