Underrated stories under 1000 reads

Hey all! I’m looking for underrated stories under 1000 reads. I love hidden gems so recommend your story here! I’ll read all genres (with the exception of horror. No horror please) in any style. I’ll read a minimum 2 chapters. Add a note if you want me to give you some feedback on anything in particular otherwise I’ll just add a note that it’s been added to my list and/or read. :smile:

I’ll add my recent story here but there is no obligation to read it but I’d appreciate it if you did!
Thank you!!

Fantastical: Dragon Scales
Style: Limelight
Plot: Echo feels she is missing something in her life. Turns out that missing piece was in a whole different world altogether.
Episodes: 3 and ongoing
Instagram: abt.episode
link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5740745724395520


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