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Hellooo! So I’m reading Dara’s website about this

And I was wondering, when it’s cced by my readers , do I make the second character with my original character features or what? Plz help me because I want to understand before I start coding. Thank you.

And how many characters do I have to make in order for them to stay the same throughout the whole story?

This might help you.

Create MC 1 and SISTER as characters. Then do the following as listed in the pictures.

Thank you for this! But I’m sorry if I have error mistakes when asking this, so when I have my main character she has her original looks and then when I create a duplicate that’ll be part of character 2 and that’s when readers have the characters look changed right?

Okay, once you copy and paste it into your story. It should already have a name there called DUPLICATE change that to your second character that’s going to be the second character. Only change FEMALEAVATAR to the name of your main character.

You can change the names by pressing Ctrl+f then clicking all.

The reader will see both the characters on the screen where they see the changes happening to both of them as they change their appearances.

Okok so just so I understand one last time I create a character name sister and mc1 and that will be my main character? And then I have to add the becomes to whatever face shape nose shape etc and it will change to whatever the readers changed it too?

Thank you by the way.

You can name your main character anything. ASHLEY or SARAH whatever. Then have another character and name her whatever you want as well.

I would just copy and paste the Twin template into the script. Then change the FEMALEAVATAR to your character’s name along with the DUPLICATE to the second character’s name.

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The twin template and the duplicate character method are two different things. Which one are you trying to do? The twin template is usually used when you want to show both characters onscreen changing appearance at the same time, big example would be for mirror reflection effect.

What you screenshotted above is the code for a duplicate character. You would use the regular CC template. All you need to do is create a random character that is the same gender as your main character. You don’t need to edit the duplicate character at all. There’s no extra coding you need to do, you don’t need to add the duplicate to the template or anything. After the CC template, or at any moment in your story, it doesn’t have to be immediately after the CC coding, just use @DUPLICATE becomes MAIN CHARACTER and this just makes that duplicate take on the exact appearance as your main character.

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Thank you! And sorry for asking this repeated question so when I do an duplicate character, that’s when the readers changed how my characters appearance looks?

And yes I was talking about the duplicate characters.

What do you mean by this? Readers don’t change the appearance of the duplicate. Readers customize the main character.

Basically like I’m asking when my mc is on the screen readers change how the appearances look right? Then when I make a secondary/duplicate character that’s when the character is the same
As the very beginning with the same details and etc right?

You have to use the code “@DUP becomes MC” to make the duplicate look like the MC

So example @character2 becomes MC? So sorry for wasting your time and asking too many clarifications.:green_heart:

Yes like that

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Okay cool thank you again for you time and help!:heart:

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