Understanding Episode TOS

Please help me understand Episode TOS.

What I understand, in general, it talks about we are not allowed to distribute protected content, that users must be 13+ etc.

But where does it stayed that story published in app must be story and nothing else?

Please help me and send me screenshot, because Episode is not answering me this.

Here’s a link to Episode TOS !

What do you mean?

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Thanks for your reply :heart:

I mean story as story with story plot.

Where in TOS in written that if story isn’t story with story plot, it can’t be published.

Thanks for all the help!!

I don’t think it does say that. Maybe refer to reading section 5?

I’m section 5 I only find copyright law. Nothing saying that story must be story. :thinking:

Has someone flagged your story because It didn’t have a plot?

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Episode removed it by itself - My published Editor Helper for Ink >>> with only one reason >> it’s against TOS because it’s not a story :cry:

If it wasn’t a story, what was it?

Editor Helper is customization helper (like many others) with option to display selected character’s details.

So my point is - where is it written in tos that story must me story??

Oh I see now.

I didn’t manage to find anything that says that so I don’t know why your story was deleted.

Have you tried filing a support ticket?

I have also seen other stories that do the same thing so that doesn’t seem fair on you :thinking:

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I did file a support ticket :heart: The only answer I got is that it violate TOS because it’s not a story :pensive:
I also sent ticket to TOS support, still waiting for their reply. When someone spends days and nights in such creation, you gotta understand it feels bad when it’s removed.

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You def have my sympathy :heart:. I don’t even know what I’d do if my story was deleted. Is there a way you could have had the first episode as the story and then the other episodes as the editor helper?
I don’t believe your story was violating the TOC so I hope you get it sorted out. Perhaps you could ask the moderators to explain it to you?

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I hope someone will🤗

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body fucking unclear

I added a link in first post here.


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