Understanding Feminism

Hello to all my beautiful people. I have a bit of a dilemma and I hope that I can get some assistance with it. Currently, I’m brainstorming characters for my story and one that sticks out is the main female character, Corinne. After some thought, I’ve decided that I want to make her a feminist. However, I’m sort of stuck with her development as well…I dont understand the actual views of them and I’d rather not misrepresent lest I come off as ignorant.

So if anyone can help me with this, there’s a few things I’d like to know.

What is feminism in a nutshell?
What are their views?

Thanks in advance.




Well, there are many branches of Feminism and they all have different aims and views. You have the radical and the moderate, the reasonable and the insane. Feminism in a nutshell is about making women equal to men, but that means something different to every feminist, so do you want her to be reasonable or a bit militant?

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Well I’m feminist
We want to help women around the world to get their rights, we want to stop rape (for both women and men), we don’t want to be judge for what we wear, etc…
We can like girls and boys, only boys, only girls, trans, pan, asexual, etc…


I’m aiming to make her the type that lives her life with a true belief in her want of equality instead of just being misandric. :thinking: I guess the closest example I can think of is Roxie Vo from He Can’t Tame Me just…less bitchy and promiscuous.


If u wanna good example of feminist character i say check out Katara(avatar the last airbender)
Shes feminine
Shes a healer(which came in handy)
She can fight
And shes compassionate/sensitive
At one point early on she even shows the feminist aspect by challenge a sexist waterbender to fight
But shes not “men suck i can do everything on my own guuurrl power”

U can also check out any girl from the last airbender
These girls are strong,emotional,and cute a good portrayl if i say so

Also dont say shes a feminist…show it and dont have it be “sexist men vs girl” u can show it by having an unconfident girl be uplifted by ur MC and shows tht she is strong (wether its emotional or physically or both)


What is feminism?
Feminism is advocating for women’s rights in the hope of gender equality.

What are their views?
That men and women should be given equal rights and opportunities.

Sexuality and orientation?
I don’t think this has anything to do with feminism really.

Your character shouldn’t believe she is above men, as that’s not what feminism is about. She should strive for people to see her as equal. Perhaps demonstrating some situations that often happen to women that show the gender inequality and how she overcomes it. For example, in my story the mc has just graduated with a degree in a stem subject. She enters a typically male dominated profession and recieves lower pay than the men she was just hired with.


I like that answer

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Look at RBG! (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)


What is feminism in a nutshell?
As stated by @ShanniiWrites, it all depends really. Some are reasonable, while others are extremely unreasonable with their beliefs.

What are their views?
Generally, it is equality for both men and women. It can range from something as abstract as attitudes to something that’s solid, like laws. Although it does mostly focuses on women, there are also many things for men (toxic masculinity, parental custody, etc).

I don’t really think this is exclusive to feminism. There’s other topics in the Episode Fan Community and General chat addressing gender and sexuality.

This is just a synonym for sexuality.


Feminism in a nutshell is equality. There are of course different branches of feminism (some focus more about trans people’s rights, some more about women, some more about the economy difference between men and women and so on) but the main issue is equality. A feminist wants everyone to be equal. No one should be discriminated because of their gender.


Then I guess I’d qualify. Someone who fights for men’s rights as well, but just from a feminist’s point of view. We’re not equal to men when we have privileges over them. And those privileges come from women still being viewed as unequal. Is she an activist or just a causal feminist?


Feminism is different for every woman… some may express it sexually, others may stand up and march for their beliefs. What it really comes down to is how that woman feels and if she feels strong independent and free in whatever she wants to pursue! She can do whatever she wants and will do it in her own terms… that’s feminism for me :heart_eyes::two_hearts:


Feminism is achieving the state of equality between the sexes.

As for views, they feel as if women are treated lesser than men.

Their sexuality can be anything.

Your character shouldn’t be misandrist. That is the blurred line between feminism and sexism. Never do that, otherwise it’ll trigger certain people.


i’ll make this short:
feminists fight for equality. they want equal rights for women. feminist aren’t only women, there ale men feminists too.
women didn’t have right to work, go to school, speak how and when they want, wear what they want, say what’s on their mind… people were expecting from women to be quiet, feminine and cook and raise children.
so feminists wanted to change that and did. they made a big change but today people still sometimes don’t take women seriously and they want to change that.


women don’t lie being compared to men, we like equality and…

yeah i probably shouldnt be saying that because im not feminist.

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My story portrays the main character as being a feminist. Basically feminism is women rights and their equality. To be honest, women want to be more powerful than men in a sense, and that’s basically what the idea of feminism is.

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That’s the thing. I’m not making her a feminazi who’s actions are fueled by a misandric viewpoint. I’m aiming to make her the type of feminist that practices what she preaches. One who wants to live in a world where women can do what they wish (legally) without fear of ridicule. She wants to have her actions judged the same way a man would. The type where if she was a real person people would respect her.


While writing, just remember the definition of feminism. Type it up on your notes, or on the portal using the #.

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