Underwear overlay

I need underwear (panties) laying on the couch overlay.

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No, I want it in laying position.

Something like this dress:


give me a minte I can do it for you…


I dont know the background you need it so I do not know in which perspective it is necessary… hope this will work.

This is the bg. I want it laying on red sofa.

do you want that tha bra and panties are like on the original .I mena the position. Or should I put it more close together like its just throuwn on the sofa?

I need only panties to be honest, you can remove bra.

OK - something like this?434cc0047b981ffd94ff2487ab90b71a3434f69a_2_690x408


YESS! Perfect af. Thank you :smile:

How should I credit you?

lol, pretty any way you like for example in reader message - “overlay by @Farah_DeSantis

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