Undoing a dublicate characters

Hey, so in my story I have my main character go into her youngerself.

I did the @/CHARACTER becomes CHARACTER method.

Is there a way to get it back to her normal self?
I completly forgot how to do it

This is going to be a back story. Then right after she’s done telling her story I need her back to normal. I can’t remember the command to use.

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Well you can just put a command @remove CHARACTERNAME.

I would suggest you make a character for the younger version of your character. As you can’t just undo the becomes command. If anything you should make a duplicate character to use for the characters younger self that is separate from the original “older” character.

Use the command @DUPLICATE becomes CHARACTER

This method of creating another character can be used for other types of scenes like mirror scenes.

Yeah. I did create a younger version and do that. I’m not sure if it’s a glitch in their end but the younger version doesn’t disappear even with doing that? Doing I need to do @/remove character

Do you mean the younger version doesn’t remove from the scene or something else?

If you are trying to remove a character from the scene use @remove CHARACTER

Yeah. Pretty much. The next scene she’s still the younger version not the older version

Also I’ve checked it on the app itself. I’m having the readers customize themselves and everything. Is their a way to make the younger version make them look similar to their character or do I need to just have them customize their own younger self if that makes sense.

Never make the main character become another. You should always make the duplicates become the main character because once a character becomes another character, they stay that way and there’s no way to make them go back to their original look unless you manually input the “changes into” codes to their original look.

Ok so instead of doing that, what am I supposed to do for the flash back with her turning into her younger self?

Use the younger character for the scene. Do not make your MC becomes the younger character.

So if your MC is customized, make a duplicate character for the younger version. Say you named it YOUNGMC. After the customization template, use @YOUNGMC becomes MC and then change the younger characters face and hair to appear young.

When you want to do a scene with the young character, just use YOUNGMC for that entire scene

You should never do @MC becomes YOUNGMC. Never make the main character become another character

Ok I think I get it. But I’m allowing the readers customize the MC. Would it still work that way or should I just have them customize the younger version like normal?

This part

Ok. Thanks. I’ll try it.

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