Unepected block end error lease help

You havent give the word"choice" at line 1159

If thats a second choice could you please post the full script?

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I’m confused cause my problem is starting from line 1359

Have you closed the bracket of that choice?

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Welp what choice? sorry i’m really really slow :grin: i only did the menu customization thingy and idek

On the MENU-CUSTOMIZE line, you opened a bracket {

have you closed it before the end of the script?

Try adding another } before"MENU-SKIP"

And can I have the full script?
Coz this is confusing with partial script

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how do i show full script? i’m slow :sweat_smile:

Just copy the full script and paste it here love

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It can’t fit sorry i took forever i’m trying

Can you mail me then?