"Unexpected block end" Error in customization choice

So I’m using this “Choose Which Character to Customize” template by @Dara.Amarie - https://www.dara-amarie.com/choose-who-to-customize

And there is an error appearing like this-
Screenshot (207)

This is my script-

 label customize_characters
 Who do you wanna customize?

 label boylcc_custom_0
 label femlcc_custom_0
 label femlcc_custom_0
 label boylcc_custom_0
 } <GREEN>"Finished customizing!" {
label done_cc

 #MALECHARACTER1 customization here#

 goto customize_characters


 #FMALECHARACTER1 customization goes here#

 goto customize_characters

@pause for 0
 #FEMALECHARACTER2 customization goes here#

 goto customize_characters

@pause for 0

#MALECHARACTER2 customization here#

 goto customize_characters

label done_cc

This error has made me go crazy and I would appreciate your help! tyy.

Did you input your character’s names instead of MALECHARACTER and FEMALECHARACTER?

Yes, i just put that in cuz I didn’t wanna spoil the characters :smiling_face_with_tear:

These all should be “goto

Omg, I’m soo dense! I’ll try that and let you know if it works. Tyy!

Okay so, the error before is fixed but a warning appeared.
Here it is-

As seen, the error is fixed and I can preview the story but there are a bunch of dublicates probably because I used the same female and male templates for all 4 characters.

Yes you have do use different label names

So, if i changed the MALECHARATER2 labels from label boylcc_custom_0 to label boylcc_custom_1 and do the same with the end label and the 2nd female template, will that solve this?

If you’re using the same templates twice, you’d have to change every single label and goto for the 2nd templates

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I can do that! Thank you so much for the help :blob_hearts:

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