Unexpected block end error

It’s says unexpected block end for a line that looks like this
} “Hair” {

ERROR: Did you forget the { which goes with this }, or forget to put the word “choice” at the start of this choice option?

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Could you send a screenshot?

How does the end of your script look like? Sometimes it says you have an error on an exact line, but you have the error somewhere else. ^^
I usually get this block end error when I add “NARRATOR/CHARACTER” at the end and I forget to add text. :smiley:
(And you can’t end with a label either, that also results in an error.)


Ya need to write ‘choice’ in all lower case :wink:


Ok thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Can you guys help me with a similar error?

On line 375, write:

@pause for 0

on the previewer it only brings up one choice, I suppose I have to delete the line :“Escape or be patient”. I added it because one of the previous errors said it had to have dialogue before the choice.

Yes, it only brings up one option as you wrote it that way to :yay:

Check out this:

take out the second choice…

Escape or be patient?

“Try to escape”{

dialogue etc

}“Fall asleep in the cell”{

dialogue etc


You need dialogue before a choice. You must have the NARRATOR/NARR say something or have a character speak or think.




on line 384 you have choice with no dialogue above. If you wish you to combine the choices, it’ll look something like this:

I tried but it’s just not working…

I got it now sorry lol! I had a duplicate bracket.


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How do I fix this?

First of all you have a lot of spelling errors, Episode interactive isn’t really familiar with slang terms or abbreviations, you’ll maybe have to rewrite some of the dialogue in your story after you test it by saving the original script. Rewrite: Show toast, realized, etc.

Hey! I really need some help with this choice which is the same error I did everything you guys said is it a bug or do I have a mistake? It says unexpected block end what the heck? Cuz there IS more script after the choice! I am very annoyed at this.

can you help me? I have a similar problem