Unexpected Block End ERROR!

I was writing a choice and when I saved it, it said unexpected block end and I can’t figure out what I did wrong. Please help! Thank you so much!


A dressing game example:

label DRESSY

Pick something.

choice (outfit_theme)
“An exclusive theme”{

SHARLA (talk_excited_happy)
A cool exclusive theme!

@YOU is dustoff_neutral_loop

@YOU changes into YOU_EXCLUSIVE

}“A summery cool theme”{

SHARLA (talk_excited_happy)
A cool summery theme!

@YOU is dustoff_neutral_loop

@YOU changes into YOU_PLAIN

}“A brimming new theme”{

SHARLA (talk_excited_happy)
A brimming cute theme!

@YOU is dustoff_neutral_loop

@YOU changes into YOU_CUTE


SHARLA (talk_agree_happy)
This outfit is totally it!





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Check out: HOW TO: Simple Choices

Episodelife.com has script temates for dressing games u can use.

For dressing games, choice name and option method is better. Read: https://www.dara-amarie.com/remember-choice


You need to add a } on line 1557, right before “Wear it!” and to delete the } from line 1558

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ohhHHH thank you so muchh :)) it works

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