Unexpected block - please elaborate -_-


When I tried the NARR at the bottom of label, it don’t work. Maybe the goto is ahead in the story, and it hasn’t predicted the label yet. Help?


On which line is the error at?

It looks like you have a random straight bracket right before the “Looking good” dialogue.


Ok so here is what happened:

I used the curvy brackets to put the avatar male LL customization organized. There was a label at the end saying “story_start”. It had the error. I switched the brackets to straight, which worked. But now, the script doesn’t recognize label story_start. I changed it to “label end” because I thought it was some kind of spelling miscalculation.


You can’t switch the brackets to straight. It doesn’t work like that. The error triangle may be next to the label, but the error is actually because of the straight bracket.


So that’s why it is saying unexpected block OR unexpected character ?? If so i will change it back immediately.


The problem is resolved!! I think it’s because I was using both types of rackets to shorten the long script.


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: