Unexpected Character ERROR, HELP!



So while I was still writing out my story and there’s the part where I was doing choices for outfits, makeup, and hairstyle. However I get an error about unexpected character. What does this mean and how can I fix this issue? Also I would like help on how to label the choices right as well. Attached is the screen shot of the error

Hopefully it works


The label before the dialogue is the issue is the issue

label_makeup - Get rid of the underscore

Change it to label makeup


Oka, i’ll try that now


Hey it worked! However another error happened. I’ll screenshot it.


The animation blow kiss is incorrect
Is: blow_kiss


You forgot the underscore
Like blow_kiss


Ohhhh! Duh! Lol i knew something was weird. Thanks !


One more thing: what name would be appropriate fr this label? I was getting an error on that as well


And I have it label end which worked


You need to name your label


label dressinggame


Ah okay. So for the “label end” part would it be label_dressinggame_end too?


Could you post your script here? It would be easier to explain it :slight_smile:


Wait! :slight_smile: I meant copy and paste script :smiley:


Ohh one sec


Hmm, it wont let me post :frowning:


Head on my PM :slight_smile:




@Jeremy, @Ryan it’s solved!



Solved and closed! :heavy_check_mark: