UNEXPECTED character ERROR! Please help!

Okay, so I have tried moving things around but it continues to say that there is a character error. Please help me!

Change lable to label

Also if you get an error for the } on line 3021 that means you might have to remove it if its by itself without the full layout of a choice : )

So, remember if you get an error there, you’ll need to do this (if all you have is that symbol there, and no other parts to a choice):

MC (eyeroll_sarcastic)
(Whatever, I have to get ready now.)

Remove the } under this sentence.

Good luck! :black_heart:

thank you! spelling is not my forte

No problem :wink:

If you’re having problems with spelling, you can get someone to proof read your story & help you out :smile: :facepunch:


Solved and closed. :smiley: