Unexpected Character Error


On line 58 I am facing Unexpected Character EMMA. How do I solve it?


Add a { before the dialog


“chose this outfit” {
EMMA (talk_happy_smile)
(Yep this is perfect.)


add a bracket on line 35 too } “Fancy” {


I have put it in line 34. That won’t work?


Thank you so much!! :slight_smile: spent an hour on that and then posted here!! :sweat_smile:


you might have more errors then, can you post the whole dressing game?




@/EMMA walks to screen center in zone 2


Yeah I was just about to correct that :see_no_evil: Actually it is my first time so just trying it out.


that’s how we learn! :smiley: good luck! you can always ask if you have anymore problems :blush:


Thank you so much!! Definitely, will do! :grin:


Resolved and closed. Thanks all :smiley: