Unexpected character - error

Hey after doing my outfit choices, it comes up as a error and the choices tab won’t go away PLEASE HELPPPP

You’re making your character talk in this case think.

It should look like line 8088, I think that’s what your problem is :thinking:


I think you forgot the word “label” on line 8081

It should be:
label female_3_end


When I change it to ‘label female_3_end’ it says the label is never used

Thanks for trying to help :blush:

That’s because you have the label but have never used it. :woman_shrugging:

Also, I would like to add, do you actually need that label? From the part you’ve posted it’s not really clear.
Make sure you have used the exact name for the label while using the goto command. :blush:

Wait ok I’m confused thank you SO MUCH for helping!!!
I’m having trouble on how to end the choice and continue with the rest of the story, so what would be the last coding lines if the picture below shows the start? :smiley:

if I got it right, you want the script to go to hair and makeup on clicking “done” right?

Here’s the code:

choice “Dresses” {
code for dresses here
} “Skirt” {
code for skirt here
} “Shorts” {
Code for shorts here
} “Active” {
code for active here
< PREMIUM >“This is perfect!” {

Or instead of continue you can make RAYNE do any animation. After that it will go to the next line on it’s own.

It’s okay if you are confused! I’ll explain again gladly! :))

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What would the code be for the skirt, dresses, shorts and active? :weary::woozy_face::two_hearts:

And also… I want the script to just finish there coz I want her to walks to zone 1 and then do hair and makeup there

Oh, sorry. By the 'code for … ’ I meant to refer to the code you’ve written within each choice in your script.

Okay wait. I think you’re new to coding. Can you tell me exactly what you want to happen in the scene? Then I can PM you an example of the script and explain!

Haha yes I am new, this is my first story / chapter I am writing

In the scene I want to create outfit options so

  • short outfit 1
  • short outfit 2
  • short outfit 3


  • dress outfit 1
  • dress outfit 2
  • dress outfit 3

… and so on for the active, jeans and skirts

And then from there I want Rayne to walk to zone 1 of the background and do hair and makeup there

Then continue on with story

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Ok. Give me a minute, I’ll make a script and message you on the Forums. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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OMG thank you sooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh

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Hey where are the forums?.. hehe

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So sorry I had a class so I couldn’t do it.
I’ll do it now. :sweat_smile:
I meant here only but in private. You’ll know when you get it.

All good do it whenever you can thankyou so much

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