Unexpected CHARACTER: ME error

It’s my first time doing this and I need some help! What have I done wrong??
(And ignore my bad English hehe)

  • delete the space in between script and line number
  • delete the space on line 138
  • @transition fade out black in 2 not TRANSITION
  • also, you can’t have just a background and nothing after (line 136) so put a @pause for 0 or delete it

I tried to understand what you wrote but because my English is bad I didn’t get everything, but I tried.
Now it looks like this and it’s still the same error
(Thanks for the help)

You have:

ME (idle_phone_neutral_loop) with no dialogue underneath on line 130. Add dialogue underneath or write: @MC is idle_phone_neutral_loop if you want the character to do an animation without talking.

Thank you! I still have the same error but one step closer to solving this problem <3

What does it say now?

The same thing basically haha, I must have made many mistakes.

The error isn’t always where the x is

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did you close the choice?

Well what does the error message say?

Here is the whole script from where it started to error!
Thank you all for the help!

Can we see what the error message is telling you?

Add a } on line 145

And then try removing the } on line 197

It says “ERROR unexpected CHARACTER: ME”

Tried that but it didn’t work, but I’m sure that helped some way. I think it’s a lot of errors I have made

Hey, before beginning your story, I’d recommend you watch tutorials and practice first : )

P.S You should check out Joseph Evans’ tutorials on YouTube, they’re very helpful ^^