Unexpected character NARRATOR error!?

OK, so basically I’m trying to write a story and when i save it, it keeps saying “Unexpected CHARACTER: NARRATOR” and I’m pretty confused. This is because I’ve spelt it right, it’s in capitals AND it’s set correctly, can someone help please? :slight_smile:


Can I see the exact coding?

here :confused:

Omg that’s so weird it should work…

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Sometimes that happens to me, what you have to do is:

  1. Delete both the “NARRATOR” and “lip shape” lines
  2. Remember the line numbers in case when you save it jumps to somewhere else (for you it’d be 670-80)
  3. Save the script (it may show an error because of the “choice” not having speech before it, just ignore this)
  4. If it’s jumped away, go back to those lines.
  5. Rewrite the lines
  6. Save again, it should work. If not, idk
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It didn’t work so imma just do it again

You forgot to close the choice using }

22 days later lol and you probably don’t still need help but for anyone reading this it’s because there should not be an underscore between label and boy_mouth_0. It should be a space like this:

label boy_mouth_0


lol, okey

Ohhh yeaahhhh, shit how did i not see that ._. Thank you but i restarted it because it was pointless anyway lul

Hi I am having a similar problem, except my label is correct. There is no underscore between the word label and the actual label. Any one have any ideas?

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I’m a new writer and I’ve never written a story so, I’m also having a similar issue. It keeps saying that the character, ‘ME’, is unexpected so I can’t preview the story. Can someone please help me? I’ve looked on the internet and everything but nothing is working.
BTW this is also right after the character customization if that helps at all.

On line 1544, it should say:

label custom_end_1

So you are missing the word label in front

You just saved me! Thanks <3

Hi I’m having the same problem

I have tried all of your tips and it still hasn’t worked

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will you send a picture of your script? :heart:

hi i really need help!

it keeps saying ERROR: only max of two gem choices in any one branch allowed. gem choices in lines 116, 135, and 643 all belong to the same branch.

i don’t get it1 i’ve changed it around a lot and the lines are literally 500 lines apart so how do they belong together?!?!

please i really need help:’(

Can you post a screenshot of your script?

thanks for responding!