"Unexpected choice"

can someone help with this error please? (and also im not sure how to do gem choices even though I want to, if someone can tell me how to do that too, that would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:)

label dressing_game

CHAR (animation)
(What should I wear?)

*replace CHAR with your character’s name
*replace animation with one that exists

The label should go before the character asks that question, since you need dialogue before a choice (you need to have a character think/talk before a choice or have the narrator speak)

Can read about gem choices here:

Also your choice name can’t have a space since “Choice names cannot have spaces: they can only be consisted of letters, numbers, and/or underscores.” (a quote from @ Dara.Amarie’s post)

So it should not be OUTFIT 4 since there is a space between OUTFIT and 4.

Hope this helps ^^

Oh ok i think that i had to just flip the label and the person talking thank you ill try that out and also thanks for the link ill try that out too!

No problem :smile_cat:

it worked :smiley: now back to trying the gem choices XD

Also, one more thing!

@YOU exits from left to right isn’t a valid command.

It should be either:

@YOU exits left
@YOU exits right

Depending on which direction you want them to go.

oh ok thank you!

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