What’s the problem here?


You’re using straight brackets [ ] when you should be using curly brackets { }


I’ve never had a problem with straight brackets before but I switched to curly and I still get an error


Straight brackets are only used for dialogue purposes. Curly brackets should always be used for if/elif/else statements and choices.

What error are you getting now?



same error, posted pic
except this time it’s for the second option


Try using “else” in place of “elif” and use “AND” instead of “and”


else created more errors, I’ve published a story using “and” everywhere with no errors


elif doesn’t cause errors like that. You can have AND or “and” either one works.


Try capitalizing male and female.


I don’t know as I have only used AND and whenever I used “and” it gave me an error saying…
“It is not a valid directing command”


Have you tried refreshing the page? I just tested your code out word for word and I’m not getting any errors.


I clicked save again and got CHOICEPARAMS error on a different section. I can’t tell what the problem is :confused:


Which section is it at now?


edited wrong comment, don’t remember what this said


Make sure to change those straight brackets to curly brackets. I tested your code again but changed the curly brackets to straight brackets and I got the exact same error.


in the process of doing so


It worked! Thank you so much! I was under the impression the brackets were interchangeable