Unexpected expression, help, please

Do not apologize, it is alright :heart_eyes:

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“else” needs to be by itself like this

} else {

But I have more under. I have yellow and blue opinions after it

I tried. It is still the same

Then you need to change that “else” into an “elif”

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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New problem. It says that line doesn’t have matching, but I have no clue how it counted it as I have a lot of {} due to customization being included, how do I count them and make sure it all has matching?

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Is it for the if/elif/else? Check all the brackets for that coding and make sure all these brackets are there.

if (label1) {**
} elif (label2) {**
} elif (label3) {**
} elif (label4) {**
} else {**

Make sure there aren’t missing brackets or extra brackets.

If all brackets are there, then the real error is somewhere inside those brackets so check all commands and make sure you have no errors.

It is at the top of everything

I have a consequence from previous episode, then dressing game after, then hair and lipstick, then consequences of outfit and consequence from the previous episode.

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Click on the arrow next to the line number. If it comes up red, you’ll have a missing bracket there. It’s not so reliable but it helps me cos I’m always forgetting these :see_no_evil:

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I am sorry, that I am annoying, but does it mean I have to put it here?

Because I did put it before if, but it said error again

I looked for arrows that point to the right, but I did not find any :woman_shrugging:

Scroll down the script until you find where the missing bracket should go. When you see these little arrows, just click them to see if they do ‘compress’ into one line (you can expand them again don’t worry!) if you keep finding red ones, you’ll need to find out where the closing } belong

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OMG :sob:
Thank you so much.
I had a look again, still nothing., Thank you :smile:

No problem lol feel free to PM your script if you want me to find them :blush:

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It is insane! I found missing one, added, now it shows previous error (unexpected)

Can I send it to you?

Yes course :blush::+1:

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