Unexpected Expression: if/elif/else

An error that said unexpected expression popped up on the else part of if/elif/else. Idk what to do and I can’t find anything that could have been a mistake plz halp.

Let's see if you picked a decent outfit.

if (OUTFIT_CHOICE_1 is Midnight Mood) {

readerMessage It’s cute but sorta revealing, how can anyone focus when you’re showing those legs off. messageTitle |color:purple, italic| +0.1 Stars

@YOU +1

} elif(OUTFIT_CHOICE_1 is Rainbow Rockstar) {

readerMessage I’m speechless. That outfit is gonna make everyone breathless and not in a good way. messageTitle |color:purple, italic| -0.3 Stars

@YOU -3

} else(OUTFIT_CHOICE_1 is Sky Style) {

readerMessage Ooooh cute and classy! You are gonna crush this! messageTitle +0.3 Stars

@YOU +3


You don’t need to have (OUTFIT_CHOICE_1 is Sky Style) after else. Try taking that out

Ok thx I’ll try that

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Yay! it worked thank you.

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No problem! :heart:

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