Unexpected Expression?

Can anyone tell me what the error actually is? I can’t find the problem?

I’m pretty sure “else” is just supposed to be on its own. :thinking:


Don’t add anything after else. Just put
} else {

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I tried that and it came up with the error message

"expected CHARACTER or SCENE change. Found "(OUTFIT_1 is “Racer”{)

I tried the } else { ut that doesn’t work either.

Its probably something so stupid, I’m just too tired to notice :joy:

It was copied straight from Dara Amarie so idk how it got mixed up?

I’m sorry, do you mind sending another SS? Sometimes I mess up things when I’m tired too. (:smiley:

Post another screenshot

Completely delete line 4342

It got rid of the error but it doesn’t listen to my outfit choice?

What does your outfit choice look like and is it in the same episode as the if/elif/else?

I have three different outfits and the if/elif/else determine what conversation goes on. I have one Military, one Angel, and one Racer. Yes, they are in the same episode :relaxed:

I’ve used it before for conversation and it worked perfectly fine!

Does your if/elif match your choice names?


Can you show them? Also try refreshing the page and testing it again.

Sure! would you like to see the choice or the actual outfit?

The choice and option names and the if/elif

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Your option name for the army outfit is “Army” but you have “Army Girl” in your if statement