Unexpected GOTO: How can I fix it?

Hi everyone!

I’m having some trouble with a script error. I’ve tried reading quite a few other pages on the forums but haven’t been able to find any help. Everything says to “add a pause” or something in between the labels, but that isn’t working here… :pensive:

Edit: I do have a label named “theend” at the bottom that the screenshot doesn’t show…


If you have any clue on how I could fix this, please let me know!

Thank you! :heartpulse:

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Since it says ‘“teend” false’ I would doublecheck the title of the label you want it to go to, and make sure it’s exactly right. :thinking:


Thank you, but it is spelled right and everything! That’s why this isn’t making much sense. I usually understand this stuff… :sweat_smile:

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Put a @pause for 0 on line 1299. The script doesn’t like that there’s nothing between the music off and the goto.


Can we see where the label is? :thinking:
oh nvm

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Thank you, that worked! I thought that that’s what the problem was… but I didn’t know that you could pause for 0! :slight_smile:

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