Unexpected Label


You don’t have any dialogue after line 4080. Delete that line and it will work.

I’m referring to the line:
JENNIFER (dustoff_neutral) on line 4080 just before the label dressing_game_1


Instead of writing
JENNIFER ( dustoff_neutral_loop)

JENNIFER starts dustoff_neutral_loop

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She has Jennifer doing dustoff animation after the label so I thought that won’t be required or it will look weird because Jennifer will start dusting off and then the script will move onto he next line which is label so no time required to spend there. Then it moves to Jennifer’s dialogue where the dustoff animation is again written so it will look as if Jennifer started and then again restarted doing the same animation if you know what I mean. I once did this and it looked really weird so I’d recommend deleting the line altogether. :smiley:


Yes it looks weird…But i guess she wants to do it twice so i said that :sweat_smile:


Oh I didn’t think about it :sweat_smile:

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@Adrija @PrincessAnu Thank you :kissing_heart:


You’re welcome :))

Can someone help, please? Thank you!

MARLEE (talk_think_neutral)
What should I wear?

“Dress with shoes”{

@MARLEE walks to upscreen left in zone 3

@MARLEE changes into MARLEE_dressandshoes

“Eye appealing”{

@MARLEE walks to upscreen left in zone 3

@MARLEE changes into MARLEE_ddg


@MARLEE walks to upscreen left in zone 3

@MARLEE changes into MARLEE_gold


@MARLEE walks to screen center in zone 2

@pause for a beat

@pause for a beat

    MARLEE (think_rubchin)
(Shall I wear this or try something else?)

“Wear this outfit.”{

    MARLEE (kiss_blow_happy_atcamera)
(This is perfect!)

“Try something else.”{

    MARLEE (talk_doubtful)
It's okay, practice makes perfect.

goto choosing_outfit


@MARLEE exits left

It keeps saying that goto choosing_outfit doesnt exist.

you do not have a label choosing_outfit

so the goto will not send reader anywhere

you need to put the label above the choice

label choosing_outfit
What should I wear

Thank you so much It worked, sorry I sound dumb haha but thank you!

nah dont feel so. Its normal to not notice such things.

Also, by any chance, do you know how to do the animation when a character finishes changing into an outfit and it pans and shows from the bottom up? If that makes sense…

you just need to zoom on characters feet in 0

and then zoom on his face in time


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