Unexpected loop in a story — anyone has the same glitch?


Hi, everyone!

I have already been pushing forward my petition regarding the glitches in stories that don’t have script errors.

However, there is a particular one that has been highlighted to me by a few readers: my story for some reason starts looping itself in chapter 3? Does anyone else have a similar problem?

Does anyone know how to fix this apart from telling people to quit the chapter and load it again?


What background did you use? Some backgrounds don’t say looping, but really are. Have you previewed your story in the web browser? Maybe try changing the background.


Thank you very much for your advice!

There are 2 following scenes that are looping for some readers. It’s a backstage and Euro makeup room. I tested the story like a hundred times both on my laptop and phone. Usually, it works well for everyone but to some people this sh*t just happens out of the blue. :confounded::confounded::confounded:


Then maybe reach out to episode w ur glitch and they can help you



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