Unexpected sequence Error (HELP)

Unexpected sequence:
You cannot use a director command (staring @) here

This won’t go away and it’s after my label for hair and lip customization. Please HELP!! :tired_face:

You forgot the word label on line 4496

When I add the word label on line 4496 it says that the label “hair_and_lipstick_x” doesn’t exist-

Well do you have that label in your script?

I’m a pretty sure I do

Can you show the screenshot of that label then?

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There is no label. You must have removed it from the template because there should be a label on line 3531 right before the dialogue.

The label should be hair_and_lip_x just like the goto on line 3558. So you need to add label hair_and_lip_x to line 3531 and change the goto label name on line 3520 to that name

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