Unexpected sequence PLEASE HELP!

Place the brackets exactly as I have in the example. You need to have an closed bracket before and an open bracket after each choice. (With the exception that there is no closed bracket before the first choice option.)

“Casual and Comfy”{
#Your code.
}“Casual 2”{
#Your code.
}“Leather Jacket”{
#Your code.

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Thankyou soooooo much it worked!!!

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wait… shes not changing into the right clothes HAHHAH ohhhhh goddd

You have her changing into the same clothes for choice option 2 and 3.


do u know how the reader creates the character at the start like customises them how do I do that so they can edit her???

You have to add a customization template to your script to allow the reader to customize. Once the reader customizes the character the character will stay customized through all chapters unless you change the character (by changing it in the script or in the code).

yea idk how to do that HAHAHA

Just pick the template you need and replace the character name with your character’s name. Because of the new feature, you should just be able to use the missing character thing to correct the current name to your character’s name.


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Can you help me?..? I have a problem sorta similar

Can you post your script or take a screenshot?

i also have the same problem

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Screenshot 2020-07-25 at 5.54.47 PM
Am I doing something wrong? Its saying ¨Unexpected Sequence You cannot use a director command (starting with @) here.¨ Please help <3

i’m not sure… maybe apes could help but maybe the word coded with red is the problem?

You need to put { after “casual 2.”

hi i also need help

what do i do?