Unexpected squence @

someone please help i dont know what to do

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the problems is two lines over, its missing some text

if you want her to do it with out talking its

@NAME is animation

where what you written is the talking command
NAME (animation)

Change the line above to:
@AYAKA is hangup_phone_neutral

You need it like:
@AYAKA is listen_phone_eyeroll_disgusted
AYAKA (phone talking animation here)
Yes mom, I’ll be fine. I’ll call you later

@AYAKA is hangup_phone_neutral

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it worked! tysm!!

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No problem :two_hearts:

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now your missing the talk part,

just as I posted before

this is for when your charatere is talking

this is for when your charatere do an animation without talking

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I recomand you to watch these youtube videos

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@Flowerqueen7113 here we explain what you have to do