Unexpected string help!

I would have to inbox the entire script I think I’ve been staring at the screen to long and I’m missing something

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the script is to long, it won’t allow me to send it

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Is it a customization script?

no, its choices my brackets aren’t matching I’m assuming why its saying this. this has never happened before:

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the link doesn’t take me anywhere. Maybe you can screenshot the script?

Is that the first choice or…





My brackets arent lining up I think and my script is 23,000 words

I guess maybe if I just repost it in a black page maybe I can’t tell where it’s coming from

When you highlight a bracket, it will put a box around its matching bracket. Can you do that to maybe find it?

I can’t find it , I think this might be hopeless :sob:

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I can’t see your full script so idk :pensive:

can we use if/else twice in one episode?

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If whatever is in a choice bracket comes out red does that mean it’s missing a bracket ?

What do you meann

You’re trying to do an if/else.

Is “Find her father” a choice?

Yes it is

If (that’s my baby)

“Tell her the truth”

“Find her Father”


“Go home”

“Go on trip”

If (go home)


Firstly, You have to name your choice to remember it with the if/else code.

You name a choice by putting the choice name in brackets next to the word choice


choice (LYRIN_IDEA)
"Date him” {

} “Reject him” {

} “Do nothing” {


In the example above, the choice is named LYRIN_IDEA, so you can now use the if/elif/else code.

When you want to do the if/else, you would write

if (LYRIN_IDEA is “Date him”) {

scene goes here

} elif (LYRIN_IDEA is “Reject him”) {

scene goes here

} else {

scene here


This is what you had.

if (that’s my baby) {

  • You didn’t write it the correct way

Your choice name and option titles need to match exactly! If your choice name is YUM_food and your option title is “I LoVe DonuTS!!”, then the format for the if/elif needs to be

if (YUM_food) is “I LoVe DonuTS!!”

Also, Choice names cannot have spaces nor special characters. They can only be consisted of letters, numbers, and/or underscores.

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