Unexpected string problem

I have been trying for ages to fix this. It always gives me the same error. Can anyone help? it’s getting to my nerves…!
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you have to use } to close the previous statement

sorry if i’m making this harder @Youngbl00d , but i don’t understand how. Do i put a } next to endof_game ?

so in line 60, you have {No, I don’t like this.{. Youu have to close the previous statement before moving on with the next choice.
}“No, I dont like this.”{ This would be the correct one.

You put the wrong facing bracket right before the “No I don’t like this”

You also have to close the “No I don’t like this” using } right before label endofgame

thank you so much! I can finally continue

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thanks for your help, i’ve been stuck here a long time but I finally did it

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