Unfair Treatment to Classic

Hi! Recently there have been a lot of errors/ glitches with classic style. I’ve sent multiple support tickets, only to get a response along the lines of “reload your page”.

However, I know this isn’t just me. I’ve been asking around and MANY other classic writers are experiencing the same issues. I am starting to get the feeling that the episode team doesn’t care about these glitches and its very discouraging. I’ve seen posts on instagram and no one has done a thing.

These aren’t minor glitches either. 1) Your unable to customize your character because the preview will never load, so you have to borderline guess what the character will look like. 2) On preview, the outfits never change, AND 3) You cannot preview any male outfits.

In the email that I had with episode, they told me if I had anymore questions, I should respond on the email. I did and she never responded. I’ve been as nice as possible about this, but Its very frusturating, as these bugs aren’t minor. It even makes me wonder if they are doing it on purpose to push us to use other styles.

I know no one probably even cares about classic, and thats why it took so long for anyone to even notice these stupid glitches in the first place. But, I just wanted to make a topic and voice my opinion because I am getting fed up. I just want to write my damn story. I wish people stood up for classic they way they would with their own prefered styles. Even if you don’t like classic, I would still really like to see some support about this.


I wish classic, ink, and limelight were treated the same because there are people in each category. I haven’t seen very many classic stories since ink came out


There’s a whole group of people that like classic. I even noticed episode pushed them back on the top genres because one story has like 15M reads and over, but you have to scroll 15 minutes to find it.

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Yeah, every once in a while I see a classic story and it has a whole lot of reads, but it’s ranked lower



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I totally support this. I understand why, from a monetary perspective, Episode chooses to focus more on ink and limelight. An overwhelming majority of revenue from ads, passes, and gems come from stories in these styles, and it’s in Episode’s best interest as a corporation to invest in such styles. I get that. But to neglect classic so much as to disregard major systematic issues like the aforementioned glitches is unacceptable. Classic writers want the character previewer to work, the outfit-changing function to work, and the male outfit previewer to work: That’s not even close to being an unreasonable request, but because it’s the least popular, least money-generating style, Episode will always put classic on the back burner - that’s just not fair.


Thank you! I’m really glad to hear this. It seems episode doesn’t listen to a lot of what the community wants, not just this.


Thank you!

Please refer to this topic explaining the delays with tickets and image reviews. Please keep in mind that the team taking longer than normal with responding back to tickets does not mean or insinuate that the Episode team is neglecting the community or a certain animation style. Just wanted to let ya’ll know that there is no link between the two. :peace_symbol:

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My problem is that many people have sent tickets about it, but we are told to reload the page, and that its likely something wrong on our end. I would just like to see the glitches atleast be acknowledged, and to know they’re working on it. I understand they may be busy, but they are a support team and they haven’t been very helpful. I’m just upset about it. I don’t mean to come across harsh in anyway, and thank you for doing everything that you do for the community.


As a INK user, I have nothing but sympathy for you. I hate how we’re treated compared to limelight. I can’t even imagine how you guys feel.
You can’t even create a classic story on mobile. I didn’t even know it existed until I did a read for read for read with someone.
I complained about the baseball bat prop glitch in INK and all I got was something along the lines of “we have had a few issues with this glitch and are working to fix it.” The problem is, they said the same thing to another user a year ago.
It seems once they start a new style, they just abandon the last. Classic gets it the worst.


thank you! I really appreciate it. We do get the shortest end of the stick yeah :joy:

Also, when I went to the art catalogue, I noticed in behaviours, they put limelight’s first (:unamused: of course), then INK, but they don’t even show classic!! It’s ridiculous.

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ik :roll_eyes:

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Idk How much of this is relevant to the topic but I have seen a lot of people pointing out that they had to scroll down for a long time to find a classic story even though, like someone said, have millions of reads. The way the trending section works doesn’t really depend on the amount of read, it’s more like the amount of read a story gets in a certain amount of time (which explains why some times stories with less read are a long way ahead of stories with more read). I could be wrong, but I think I have read somewhere that that is how it works. So so I guess my point is sometimes classic stories are hard to find isn’t because Episode is purposefully pushing it off of the trending section. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I kinda agree woth what your saying. Your probably right, but at the same time there was this really popular classic story that had gotten a lot of reads in a short period of time that I didn’t see anywhere under the story genre. I couldve just missed it but :woman_shrugging:t2: