Unfairness of tappable overlays


Don’t ya think it’s unfair that some people get to test it while others don’t? It’s exactly what I need for the Halloween contest. Yet I’m left with choices instead of overlays.


Many people are already using it in their stories. :expressionless:


Can you please explain what you mean by this? I haven’t heard of it.


Check out @cherrymaxis’ instagram post, the second one


I’m gonna email Episode i’m legit writing Until Dawn, like I need them??? Lmao


Yes! It’s so unfair that they only choose known authors! :angry:


Ok. I’ll check it out later. Thanks for the heads up.


They recommend that you don’t publish, though, since there could be a lot of changes.
And there are plenty of “unknown” authors in the test.


But how do they find these authors?


I DM’d you but it seems to me that a lot of them were in previous beta tests. I started doing beta tests from the wardrobe one last year and that was an open call.


Since I don’t have IG, can you explain what a tappable overlay is?


You basically have the ability to tap on overlays, good for murder mystery stories. :+1:t2:


Oh cool. So like you could tap something to gain clues in mystery stories?


I didn’t even know this was a thing. But it sounds very cool and I can’t wait until it gets released.


Oh ok, that also sounds cool




It’s not really unfair. Episode has run a test of every new feature they’ve introduced in order to make sure it works. It’s being tested because it’s buggy, not to give certain authors preferential treatment. A lot of these new features also require a pretty advanced knowledge of directing so giving access to new authors doesn’t make a ton of sense. If the beta works, everyone will get it.


Ok but you’re kinda late to the party. I have them now, and they are certainly not hard to code. So no idea why they didn’t open a form and accepted people.:smiley:


Wait, you have them? HOWWWWW?


I sold my soul to devil