Unfairness of tappable overlays

Lol… but seriously, is this released now?

Not yet

What does the interface look like? Or is that secret stuff? :eyes:

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Its pretty easy, similar to choices

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Are beta testers for new features like this chosen randomly or hand picked?

No idea, doubt its random though.

Yeah I was wondering. Thanks for replying though.

Wait, I have your soul and you didn’t tell me?!

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Yep you have my soul, you can do whatever you want with it :smirk:

Hey I’m a bit late but can you pleeeeeeeeeease tell me what the code is @TheTurtleTrainer?

Almost a year ago, I responded to an open call on Instagram to apply as a beta tester for something. Since then I’ve been invited to two or three more :slight_smile:
So I think applying that first time must have put me on a list or something.

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Interesting. I didn’t know that. Thanks for posting,

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