Unfunny “Comedy” stories

Is it just me or there only like two actuall comedy stories in the comedy section…? Why are there stories that are really just romance in there?

Also btw does anyone else think no matter what every limelight man is unattractive?


Lmaooo comedy section is a disgrace. Dancekpop isnt funny guys.


There are a few good actual comedies there, but there’s I think there’s a lot that would probably fit in another genre way more.

But that’s what happens when people’s advice is to move a story to comedy because it will rank better there. I can’t remember where I saw that “tip” but it was on someone’s website or blog or something… that you should put it in comedy and add bad boy, pregnancy and gang tags to get reads :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Omg yes when people put their drama stories in comedy section :roll_eyes:


I agree most of the stories have romantic comedy but there are stories in other section which have good comedy that makes people laugh.

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I’ve noticed this too. I have an action comedy, but I’ve put it under the action genre instead of the comedy. The problem with comedy is that it usually falls under two genres like romantic comedies. Do you put it in the romance section or the comedy section? :woman_shrugging:

Also, I agree with the LL thing, lolll. :joy:


Exactly every cliche unfunny comedy stories always includes:

1.using The k pop animation 24/8
2.Always having a character that falls over (its kinda funny the first time but it gets old)
3.the author at the start trying to be quirky and weird when it just turns cliche.


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Yeeeeeeaaah, many of those “comedies” would be better off in another section.

(Oh, and please stop overusing dance_kpop, my fellow authors. It’s really not that funny.)


I agree, “dance_kpop” is cringey, but so are “shush” and “flirt_fingersnap”. To authors using these in literally every scene - it’s time to stop lol.

However, there’s nothing wrong in placing romatic comedies in comedy section; comedy is always a subgenre. Dramas and Nicholas Sparks-like romances are a whole different thing, though.


lmao dance_kpop is my life yall

same with flirt_fingersnap


Omg, the worst thing about fingersnap and shush is when you can see the actions being played out through the zoom and also when the camera stays on the characters too long :persevere:


It’s funny you mentioned that, I used that dance move in my story, but only once. I had no idea it was used so much in other stories

I had my story in the comedy section, but I had a reader inform me that it should be in the drama section so I had changed it, There are funny parts to it but I didn’t think it’d be more serious than comedic. Too bad there’s no subgenres for Drama/Comedy.

And yes, the limelight men are awful…:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

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It’s not just comedy. It’s horror/thriller too. I just want to read a horror story but nope! Mostly just dumb drama and romance stories.


I don’t think the shush or fiirt_fingersnap is terrible. I think it makes it funnier, but I do agree when you can see the character do the animation it sort of ruins it. I’ve never seen the kpop dance in comedy stories, but then again I don’t really read comedy stories since the shelf is filled with romance :roll_eyes:


I get that comedy can be subjective. What I find funny someone else might not however, there are some stories in the comedy section which clearly don’t belong there. Even as a sub-genre it’s a bit of a stretch. One or two funny lines an episode does not make a story a comedy.
I think rom-coms do belong in the comedy section, however I think some authors need to be more honest with themselves over whether their story is actually a rom-com or whether it’s just a romance story with a few funny lines every now and then.

Comedy isn’t the only section that gets abused. So does mystery, thriller, horror etc.