Unhealthy Relationships in Episode

Honestly guys Episode put in their guidelines there will be no stories containing unhealthy relationships and these relationships in these type of stories are often unhealthy. Most of the time making rude and creepy comments which are lewd and uncalled for and would be considered sexual assault in the real world. Other times he’s extremely bitchy and “brooding” and says mean things to the girl and emotionally manipulates her with his ‘dark past’. But it’s all okay because he’s a hot white guy in most stories. I want to say things that happen in the past is no excuse for bad behavior and never will be and often authors say it’s okay to have this bad behavior because they’ve had a ‘hard life’ and they are ‘sorry’. This leads to unsympathetic main character. Honestly it would be sort of difference if the story has character development where the boy could be sort of closed off, but not a complete asshole like most of them are. I don’t get why girls who like boys who treat them like shit. I really don’t. Like for example my sister’s boyfriend cheated on her and she’s still with him. I don’t understand why she is and when I tell her he’s a fucking dirt bag and doesn’t deserve her she’ll defend him and call me out of my name when I care about her and he doesn’t. Knowing my sisters doesn’t think she deserves better than some fucking troublemaker who hops in between his mom and dad’s houses because he’s always getting put out and is failing his senior year. It’s really mystifying and these stories are teaching young girls they don’t deserve better and they do.


Yo, I got nothing to add but I’m here for this. There are waaayyy too many unhealthy relationships being romanticised in Episode stories.


This post like many others concern me. While I agree with you 100% in regards to these type of relationships being inappropriate and unhealthy, Episode and authors are within their right to have this content.
Most of these stories are written by young girls.
I think more than anything, these authors are trying to portray drama within the relationship and having the boyfriend seem like the bad guy tends to be the popular method.
Are these stories influential? To some, of course, as is all forms of media.
But I don’t think it is being specifically promoted by Episode anymore than general entertainment.
I agree that we should educate young women to seek healthy relationships with mature young men, but I don’t think that should come at the expense of their creativity.
Perhaps we ourselves can write alternative content. Or support authors who have positive storylines and low reads. Maybe even open a thread on here dedicated to the betterment of self esteem and self worth.
But censorship is not the way.


I definitely get what you mean. I don’t mind bad boy stories too much (though they do get a bit cliche) IF the guy learns how to treat other human beings by the end of the story. I don’t want the MC to fall for the bad boy any time before he’s started to show maturity and remorse for his past actions. I’m tired of girls who just put up with mental, verbal and emotional abuse the way these girls in these stories do.

It’s not sexy. It’s not a good relationship. It’s toxic.

And what makes it so much worse is that it’s pretty much all we get on Episode. This is the type of relationship we’re hailing as “amazing” and “romantic” as a community. It is so hard to find a story without a toxic relationship in it, particularly in the Romance section. I will support any romance writer who has good grammar and is writing a story about a girl who falls for the nice guy who treats her well.


I understand and I’ve seen first hand what these bad boys do to girls my sisters are proof both ended up with giant losers who treat them like shit.

Episode romanticises these boys and men and there one major story that is really bad at this oh how romantic he treats me like crap says he wants me but is with another girl right now oh no I’m heart broken I’m so shocked that he acting like a manwhore.

I like to see the MC in a story to actually not fall in the love with the bad boy and call him out on him being a scumbag and actually fall for a nice guy.

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Have you read The Girl Upstairs? That’s a great story if you like a good nice guy :smiley:

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This is the best speech I’ve heard in a long time.

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