Unicorn believers! 🦄


Unicorns are magical and enchanting and I love them!!! I had a photo but my phone it actinng stupid and won’t let me access it… I might cry… I love and believe in unicorns!!!

Tag some peoples who need to know!

The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.

Fun Facts about Unicorns
  1. Unicorns live in groups of four or five that make up a joyous family. The head of the family is an elder unicorn who is hundreds of years old. Other family members include a loving couple and one or two young unicorns.
  2. Unicorn families spend their lives alone living in peace deep in the forest.
  3. When two unicorn families meet, they express great joy and travel together for weeks before they part and go their separate ways.
  4. The unicorn may eat grass and hay, but it really doesn’t need to eat at all. It absorbs its energy from the sun, probably through the horn.
  5. Unicorns can be any color, from jet-black and brown to dazzling gold, brilliant red or pure white.
  6. Anyone who touches a pure white unicorn will find happiness and joy for his entire life.
  7. The unicorn’s eyes are sky blue or purple.
  8. Unicorns are earthbound and do not have wings. If a unicorn and a Pegasus (a flying horse) mate, the babies may become flying unicorns.




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