Unicorn Plushy VS Taco Pillow

Hey guys! im doing a scene where Katelyn tosses one of these two options at Caleb because he accidently walks into the bathroom without knowing that she’s in there he starts too tease her about it and she gets annoyed and walks into her room and she starts to get her clothes and tells him to get out but caleb is a butthead and he tells her to make him and she rolls her eyes and grabs one of these options but I’m terrible at choosing! So I’m letting you guys decide

  • Unicorn plushy
  • Taco Pillow

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I can honestly say I’ve never seen a taco pillow in any episode story before so that’s why I voted for that one. :joy:

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Sweet I’ll do that one lmao I bet unicorn plush is overused or sum

Looks like taco pillow won the vote

@Sydney_H please close this topic

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Unicorn plushies are not overused from my experiences (because I’ve only seen a few) but the taco one is something that is unseen/unheard of on the platform for me so far baha.

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Well I wish Ik that but my discord group voted for taco pillow anyways so that was a winning vote either way