|| unicorn's art shop (open) ||

Free ink edit and Splashes!

●Character description
●Text (optional)
● Extras:

  • Custom clothing
  • Eye Makeup
  • Jewellery
  • Nails
  • Piercings
  • Dyed hair tips/streak

● Text
● What kind of font?
● Picture (optional)

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Do you have examples?

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Can you just do an edit for me? It’s River and Phoenix, in a flighting stace, facing eachother.

This is River.
Skin: Light
Brow: Medium Sharp
Hair: SoCal Flip
Eyes: Gentle Almond in Blue
Face: Cade
Nose: Button
Mouth: Smirk in Blush

This is Phoenix
Everything is the same, exept hair.
Hair: Short Cropped Hair in Platninum Blonde

Their clothes are THIS

but can you make the jeans like this (the girl version, I just want them to be ripped):

The background is

There’ll be other people cheering in the back, so kind of make them the center of attention.

Sorry if this is a lot to ask…!


For more examples go to my instagram @ unicorn._.episode!

Of course!

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May I ask quickly, is your background and episode background?


Cool, thanks. I’ll start your edit in the morning bc it’s 4am and I woke up and can’t sleep, and I’m too lazy to get up and get my laptop :joy:

Ha. It’s 2:33 pm here. But I’m also a pretty lazy person.

Welp, you are definetly one of my people lol

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Hey, sorry. Just realized I need their footwear, and are they both wearing the same outfit?

They’re wearing the Simple Grey Sneakers, and they ARE both wearing the same outfit.

Do you do background edits? if so, can you do a background with zone 1 of EXT. KANSAS CITY STREET - DAY and zone 2 of INT. LIBRARY - DAY
Can you make the left half of the background zone 2 of the library, and the right half of the background zone 1 of kansas city street? It should be split down the middle. Thanks <3

Okay! I’ll get started rn! Sorry I’m so lazy :joy:

I don’t do background edits, sorry. One of my friends would be happy to do it though! You can contact her on instagram @blackjack.stories :blush:

Gotcha, I’ll go check her out