Unicorn's reviews (closed to catch up)

Here’s your review, @Daddyissues hope I was helpful x

  • The cover wouldn’t attract my attention but the larger cover is really nice. The description makes me want to read on and it doesn’t sound like a cliche story. :smiley:
  • The intro is really interesting and it makes me want to read on.
  • The main character seems really funny.
  • :joy:
  • You might want to check some of the speech near the start, it doesn’t really make sense.
  • When she first goes to her new school you zoomed in a bit too much so some of the speech was cut of. Apart from that the directing is pretty good.
  • I like how you included someone with a hijab and made sure they dressed modestly, your story seems to have quite a lot of diversity.
  • The scene when she meets Grayson is really funny.
  • You made me really like the main character and her personality and that’s great!
  • The ending made me want to read on so much but I thought I should give you your review first x
  • Overall the story is really funny and I might of laughed out loud in some scenes but the grammar doesn’t really make sense. That’s fine though as there are lots of proof readers on episode who can help you with that.
    This story is a 7/10
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